Governmental Agency Contracts

In today's times many law enforcement agencies exist in high risk environments. The policies and procedures of these agencies are designed to mitigate those high risks. Our firm's experience in assessing these policies and procedures in an effort to reduce or eliminate such risks have been instrumental in providing community assurances and trust in the areas of discrimination, use of force and inmate deaths.

We have also participated in full assessments of past actions of law enforcement agencies to insure proper protocol was met and to determine from a legal point of view whether any change in practice or policy is necessary.

Investigation of Cobb County Sheriff's Office

As published in the Marietta Daily Journal, Wade & Campbell represented Neil Warren of the Cobb County Sheriff's office in an investigation of five year's worth of complaints alleging discriminatory practice, use off deadly force or neglect at the detention center.

Warren's statement:
"I want to know in my own mind that we have done all we could do to treat those in our custody as humanely and respectfully as possible. I believe that this firm will help us to potentially find areas for improvement and I will also expect them to take part in any future formal disciplinary hearings that involve these issues to be sure that Cobb citizens are being looked after and protected."

Wade & Campbell, who are very strong advocates of the community, had conducted similar work on behalf of the Cobb NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

Fulton County District Attorney's Office

Our firm currently represent the Fulton County District Attorney's Office doing "Taint" work

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