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Wade & Campbell Firm is a law firm with lawyers practicing in four strategic areas of law. Our firm prides itself in working with the most prestigious corporations in Georgia.

For the past two decades, we have built a strong reputation in the areas of Personal Injury, Contract Litigation Law, Family and Domestic Law, and Criminal Defense ranking our lawyers as leads in these and other practice areas.

Firm attorneys have successfully resolved some of the largest and most complex, comprehensive cases. While the firm represents some of the nation’s most widely recognized brands, it also represents smaller companies and family businesses. Wade & Campbell lawyers’ knowledge of cutting-edge legal theories and ability to deliver practical, daily advice delivers a winning combination.

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Our core purpose is to create partnerships that provide clients with peace of mind. Wade & Campbell provides expert advice and zealous representation. In all of our transactions, one variable remains the same: a commitment to respecting and understanding our client’s best interest and bottom line. We approach each client with the same care and diligence in which we handle our own business needs.

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"Two court dates and I didn’t have to be concerned because he assured me he had it in the bag! Record remains untarnished and I have this awesomeness to thank!! Thank you Chris!"


"Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have Mr. Bradley as my lawyer. He was very professional as well as getting the job done. I recommend him if you want a state of the art lawyer. Thank you again for getting all charges stopped.">

Erica D.

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